Welcome to Pengu Entertainment Industry Network! We are so glad to have you here.

I'm sure you know you way around social media. Our community works pretty much the same. On the left you might see groups (public, private, and even hidden... ooo mysterious). You can join public groups and be invited to join private and hidden groups. 

On the left you can see also topics and collections that organize posts in a way that make it easy for you to access.

You can connect with other members of PenguEIN and follow & exchange private messages with them. Also, you can post a question to the whole community, and reply and comment to posts on the feed.

Here you can also access our merchandise, so if you enjoy what we are doing, please support us to keep the lights on. You can find out more through the Shop collection and the Quick Shop that may appear on the right column, or on your profile page.

Finally, in the near future we will announce things that you can do at PenguEIN to earn some of our virtual currency Pengu, that will give you discounts on our products and other perks. More info on this will appear soon.

So, explore, make friends, have fun. Let's try and make PenguEIN a safe, positive and fun place for everyone to connect and build a creative future for all of us.